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I am going to Nairobi end of next week, and have organized with the hotel to have a taxi pick me up from the airport for 30$ which sounds reasonable. The hotel also recommended to book a taxi for the rest of the stay in advance, and that a trip to a place which is 3.5km away will cost 15$ which to me sounds really on the high side (esp given the airport fare, which is for >20km).

My question is – is it not possible to simply call a taxi when needed, instead of pre-booking or is this not the way it works in Nairobi? I see in some posts that Uber is a good alternative, but I am kind of concerned whether it is safe. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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  1. We used Uber in Nairobi. Their charge to/from airport to Westlands using the Uberx was $10, or 1000 kse. It was around 100-300 most places in the city. If you have an unlocked cell phone, go to the safaricom booth in the airport. The sim card is 50 kse, and 5gb data and about 1000 more calls than you need is 1000 kse.
    I can assure you that Uber or any of its competitors not only offer better rates but also better service. The drivers are more polite and their vehicles are cleaner.

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