The Mara River Crossings


We will be able to travel to either the Maasai Mara or the Serengeti the first week of September and would like to maximize the chances of us seeing one of the wildebeest river crossings. We would like to know where to base ourselves. All “professional” advice is conflicting as everyone tries to sell their lodge/safari and hence we turn to you gurus. However, we notice that prior requests for help receive quite a bit of “feedback” about how you shouldn’t even ask the question so let me try to get ahead of those naysayers as this isn’t our first Safari. 1) We are aware the rains and animals are unpredictable. We are just looking to maximize the chances.

There are of course no guarantees. 2) We are aware you shouldn’t focus on one specific event on a trip. We have a full plan for our overall vacation and will still be at peace if we miss the river crossings. 3) We are aware that the animals can choose to cross at multiple areas and so we are asking for advice on general regions. We don’t want to accidentally pick somewhere that has no chance or requires a 4 hour drive. The one caveat I’d add is we are coming from Nairobi and so, all things being equal, a region in Kenya is preferable to Tanzania so we reduce travel time. But if the best shot is Tanzania, we will find a way. Thanks in advance on regions/lodges you’d recommend for this time

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  1. The wildebeest move to the Masai Mara of Kenya July August and September. The 2,000,000 animals are coming from the short grass plains of Ndutu and heading North towards the Mara River area, they can cross the Mara River many times in many different locations.
    Not all animals cross over into Kenya or indeed cross the Mara River. If you are looking for a river crossing it doesn’t matter which country you are in as long as you are in the Mara River area especially in the first week of Sept.
    Kenya is just as good as Tanzania at this time no country is better or worse than the other for river crossings or wildebeest action in early Sept. However as your time is limited and you are already in Kenya it makes sense to go to the Masai Mara.
    There are a million odd wildebeest so you will probably only see 50,000 if you are lucky. That’s why any area is good at that time.

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