Things to Bring for Gorilla Trek


Can we rent trekking poles and gaiters for the gorilla trek? Is it recommended to wear thick pants in case of stinging nettles? When trekking in Rwanda, we could rent poles and gaiters, but wasn’t sure if similar in Uganda.

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    Better than a trekking pole you can hire a proper stout wooden pole from your ‘helper’ Porter who will help with your bag and give a helping hand on hard bits of the climb.

    Worth every cent and helps give local folks employment directly out of the Gorillas and thus places a monetary value on them.

    As to clothing etc:

    Gardening Gloves help a lot to protect your hands when grabbing foliage etc.,

    I have never used gaiters. Just long woolen socks pulled over my trouser/pant bottoms.

    Thick clothes as you get in normal hiking kit. Your top can be lighter but it is cold at times. Rain proof jacket. This is another job for your helper when you take off a layer. He carries it.

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