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I have few days in Tanzania, and serengeti is my top list, Questions: How many days do I need to Enjoy Serengeti in full? and how many nights a minimum, may be not enough, but will be enough to enjoy Serengeti!


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  1. The ideal number of days that you should spend in the Serengeti will depend on a number of factors. One of the main factors will be your budget and how much money you intend to spend on this particular trip.

    With a large budget and the flexibility to do a number of activities in the Serengeti, you can spend for4-6 days there and engage in extra activities like going on a hot air balloon ride or extensive cultural tour with the Maasai.

    However,  considering that most travelers would have an average budget,  the most ideal number of days to spend in the Serengeti is 3 nights. This will give you a full two days of game drives and this would be sufficient to see most of the important attractions at the Serengeti.


    Some tour operators offer one night to Serengeti, I discourage this, why? If you are driving to the Serengeti,  you will need to factor in the travel time that you will spend on the road getting there and getting out from there after your trip is done. The drive from Arusha to Serengeti is about 8 hours and it has extremely bumpy roads.
    Two night in my opion can work, but should be minimum:

    Day 1. Arusha to Serengeti – overnight.

    Day 2. Full Day game drive in Serengeti.

    Day 3. Moving out – and actually you can enjoy the crater! Though I advice that you overnight in crater, and enjoy the Crater next day!


    If you have the budget; The most popular way of getting to the Serengeti is flying there then going back to Arusha by car.  this allows you to enjoy the Best of Both Worlds: getting to the Serengeti quickly and enjoying the wonderful scenery between the Serengeti and Arusha.

    If so, I advice:

    Day #1. Fly to Serengeti, arrive 10:00am, do a full dame game drive – Overnight inside Serengeti.

    Day #2. Full Day game drive in Serengeti, overnight, or leave around 2:00pm, or later flight if any back to Arusha!


    There are things to Consider in answering this Questions:


    1. How many days when on a tight budget?
    2. How many days during the migration?
    3. If you are flying or driving
    4. If you are visiting it exclusively or other locations

    Can you write more to where you fit among the four?

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