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What would be the recommended amount to give as a tip to our safari driver/guide and cook? We are a group of 8, and had 2 Jeep’s for a total of 12 days. And idea how much to give them per day?

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  1.  Tipping is customary on Tanzania safaris so it has been recommended only as appreciation given to the service providers (here referred to as a “guide/driver and cook”). The reason why there are so many different guidelines on tipping is, always it depends on 1) your culture as a tourist and 2) how happy you are with the guide/driver or cook. It really based on personal feelings and no one can be so sure on how will your crew satisfy you on your trip.

    Nevertheless, many of previous tourists have tipped a huge amount of $$$$ which somehow it gives a very difficult time for the current client to guess or do the same. In order to make it average, tipping guidelines will apply and again it really depends on every Tour Operator as there are different range according to its market based clients.


    Suppose 8 people will split into 4 each car, then $5/6 per person/day/vehicle (as there will be 2 guides then) for a guide will make a total of $20-$24. Same apply to the cook something like $1/2 per person per day for all of you (I assumed there will be only one Cook) is $8-$16 per him per day.

    Karibu Tanzania

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