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I will be in Kigali next year in May for a week and I am planning to do a day trip to Akagera. I want to ask if is it cheaper to book tours online? Or should I just plan it as soon as I arrive in Kigali?

Thank you very much!

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  1. I cant speak to how easy it would be to arrange once there.
    But I would take a step back to question the viability of a day trip through Akagera from Kigali.
    I guess it could technically be done. But you wouldn’t have much time in the park vs just time spent on the road getting to/from Kigali. I don’t know if you would have time for the far preferable drive all the way through the park and out the other end vs. just having to circle back to the same entrance after seeing way less. Plus you would be there at the worst time in the day to see anything; as with all safaris, most of the action is at dawn, with another uptick in activity at dusk (most animals tend to sleep, or at least inimitable their activity in the heat of the day; midday drives anywhere can often be mostly a bust.)
    If you time allows to spend the night before Akagera there, it may be worth looking into.
    And have fun! Rwanda is amazing.

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