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We are currently planning trip in Feb 2021 to SA and Cape Town. My query is whether to hire a car or not. We have an apartment in Green Point booked. I’m travelling with Hubby and two 13 year old girls. All of us are fairly well independently traveled. Day trips we are looking to do include Boulders Beach, Cape of good hope, Robben Island and possibly Franschoek.

Husband would like the freedom and independence of a car. I think we will get Ubers in the evening so we can both have a glass of wine and it would be nice if we both could enjoy the drive and scenery without faffing with map reading. Would love to hear your advise or experiences

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  1. I always hire a car in Cape Town as it’s so cheap. Even if it sits there for a day or two hardly being used its useful to have and gives a bit more freedom. Quick pop to the shops, up signal hill for sunset, day trips to the Cape and easy to get to and from the airport as well.
    The route from the airport to Cape Town is just motorway all the way, it’s very easy to navigate. The hardest bit for me is finding the entrance to the BP garage to fill up the car at the end. I always just end up driving in the exit.
    I normally just rent a small car for Cape Town and in the long run it saves money on transfers and day trips and unnecessary ubers. For restaurants and going out at night I use uber and the rest I walk or use the car.

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