Top 5 must see in Dar es Salaam


We will stay city center and prefer to walk to see sites. But, what from a tourist please, what are the top 5 things we shouldn’t miss to see? We r in the city 2-3nights. Budget.

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  1. The national museum, the village museum, and St. Joseph’s Cathedral are all worth visiting in the city. Also Kariakoo market.

    If your stay includes a Friday evening go to the Upanga Club for bingo (but check that it’s on first as they only do it every other week). It’s an experience. 5,000 TSH buy you entrance and your first bingo card. They’ll have their restaurant operating while Bingo goes on with really good and reasonably priced curries.

    This is not necessarily cheap on its own but I’ll throw it out anyway–the rooftop bar at the Hyatt has amazing views of the city. Alcoholic drinks prices are on par with large western cities but if you have a juice or tea it can be a great budget place to watch the sunset. I’d also advise taking a ferry to Bongoyo or Mbudya island for the day.

    In Short, look at the following:

    1. #1. Bagamoyo which is about 1 hour from city centre using private car.
    2. #2. Dar es Salaam Zoo at Kibada,Kigamboni
    3. #3. National Museum which in Centre
    4. #4. Kijiji cha Makumbusho in Mwenge
    5. #5. Mbundya/Bongoyo Island
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