Transport Mikumi NP from Dar Es Salaam


I am thinking of doing a trip to Mikumi national park for safari, from Dar Es Salaam. Landing in Dar at 3 AM, was thinking we could get straight to Mikumi, spend the night at Stanley Kopje, maybe a bit more safari the morning after, and then head back to Dar for an afternoon flight.

Looking for the best option to get to Mikumi – to drive ourselves or go on an organised tour. We are 2 people. Prefer private safari tour.


Would it be safe to hire a car and drive ourselves? Especially considering we’d be driving at night/early morning.

Or would you recommend us to get a driver (but we would have to pay for his stay overnight I assume? How much for a driver?)

Or should we get a tour package with driver, guide and accommodation? Do you have any names of good companies?


Can we simply hire a guide with car once we get to the park? Or need to book in advance?

First time in Tanzania. Not so keen on taking local bus.

Many thanks!

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  1. Mikumi is one of the easier parks to self-drive. The road between there and Dar is generally in good shape and it’s paved the whole way. When you pay the fees at the park gate you can pick up a guide who will take you around the park (no need to arrange that ahead), so it’s difficult to get lost.
    You don’t want to be driving on the big roads at night so I’d wait for daylight to set out.

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