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We have a trip booked to Tanzania from the UK for September. Unfortunately now we cannot get any travel insurance that is valid as the UK Gov advises against all but essential trips to Tanzania so travel insurance would be invalid.

Is anybody else in this situation and has found a way around this? Such as buying travel insurance from another country other than the UK or is this not possible?


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  1. As far as I can tell, the travel insurance situation (from the UK) is that there are two circumstances-

    (1) Many regular travel insurance policies will now cover COVID related claims BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT TRAVELING AGAINST FCO advice. So that means this list of countries only-


    For these policies, if you are traveling against FCO advice (eg Tanzania) your insurance is invalid for everything. So if you get hit by a bus or have a heart attack or catch malaria you are not covered.

    (2) There are specialist insurance policies available that will cover you to travel to countries against FCO advice, but these will exclude claims related to the reason for the FCO advice, so in this case Covid-19. But according to them you will be covered for the aforementioned bus or heart attack but not if you catch coronavirus.

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