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Hello everyone!

I’m looking to spend the month of March 2020 in Western African countries. I’ve narrowed it down to Ghana, Benin and Togo. I wouldn’t mind visiting other countries such as Senegal and Ivory Coast but then again I don’t want to cram in too much and spend most of my time in transit. Could anyone who travels a lot in Africa recommend the best way to see at least those 3 countries or maybe different ones if it makes more sense?

For instance, should I book a round trip flight that arrives and leaves in Ghana and then fly (or hire a reasonably priced driver take me to) to Benin and then Togo for about a week each?

Or should I arrive in Ghana, then end the trip in Benin or Togo and fly back to the states from there?What makes the best sense economically for someone who isn’t rich but wants to spend time in 2 or 3 African countries? Also if you think that me visiting 3 countries is too ambitious for a month’s time please let me know. If need be I can narrow it down to Ghana and Togo or such. Any input drawn from your experiences would be much appreciated!


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  1. Well, round trip flights arriving and departing from the same destination are definitely cheaper than arriving and departing from different cities. Within Africa renting a jeep with driver can be costly, too, but, for example, if you chose to travel by public transportation, it’s really cheap.

    I wouldn’t necessarily recommend any West-African Airlines, however, I once did Freetown to Accra on Kenya Airways, and Abidjan to Accra on Emirates, and Accra to Sao Tome on TAP, which were all completely alright.

    Senegal is a bit isolated, as I am not sure you would like to travel overland through Mali or Guinea, and there aren’t good connections by plane to other West-African countries.

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