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I’m starting to think about a special trip to Zambia for just me and my husband. It won’t be for a coupe of years, but planning is fun during lockdown. It will be our second trip; we’ve been to Livingstone (Avani) and S Luangwa (Flatdogs, Luwi, Mchenja) with our teenagers. Next time I’m thinking along the lines of: Livingstone area (Tongabezi); S Luangwa (Tafika); either N Luangwa (Mwaleshi and Takwela) or Chikoko trails camps in S Luangwa; then Lower Zambezi (not sure which camp: Old Mondoro or Chongwe maybe?). My other thought was the Robin Pope mobile instead of the Remote Africa part. Hmmm. I’d love to hear anyone’s ideas and suggestions of their favourite places.

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  1. For me I think the Chikoko Trails camps and the RPS mobile have to be the top two walking experiences in South Luangwa, in that they are both only walking with no game drive options. I’ve done them both twice and was supposed to do Chikoko Trails for the third time this year, if some pesky virus hadn’t put a stop to it.

    Pros and Cons- the Chikoko Trails has a slightly higher comfort level. You do actually have an en suite loo so you don’t have to venture out in the night. It’s also more flexible in terms of numbers of nights. The RPS mobile is quite a big time commitment at 5 nights, and it’s sold with the night at Nkwali at the beginning and Tena Tena or Nsefu at the end. But the RPS mobile is pretty epic, and feels like a real adventure.

    I’ve been to Mwaleshi twice too. It’s a lovely camp but you get guests coming and going a lot more whereas with the mobile it’s nice to have the same group for the whole time, and also with Chikoko Trails that is how they try and arrange it- with one guide taking a group out from Tafika and to both camps.

    I haven’t been to the new Takwela- that is my plan for next year.

    Another new walking option that looks great is Deb Tittle’s new camp, Mapazi which is between the Chikoko area and the RPS mobile area. I’ll be trying that out next year too.

    I don’t have lots of experience in Lower Zambezi but I can say Old Mondoro is amazing. It is pretty pricey, but you can save a lot by going in shoulder season (to 30 June and from 16 Oct), when prices drop and they usually have 3-for-2. But if it’s a special event trip, go for it- the views from the rooms (animals and scenery) are something else. And especially if you go for the adventure of the RPS mobile, I think finishing the trip with Old Mondoro would be the perfect combination.

    If you like the mobile style option, Tusk and Mane in LZ look very promising and I’ve heard great things. Am booked to go there this October (with Old M). Fingers crossed for that………..

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