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I’m planning my trip to Zanzibar with a friend and we’ll be in Dar-Es-Salam for two days only. We would love to spend a day in a national park.From what I’ve read, closest options would be Mikuni or Saadani. I also understand that there are far and would require few hours of traveling.

My question is : is there an affordable option to do a daytrip to any of these parks from Dar-Es-Salaam? I found day-trip offer but the prices are extremely high (around 350/400 USD per person for a single day trip) and we definitely can’t afford it.

I hope you guys have alternative options to share with me 🙂


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  1. (My opinion); It’s not possible to do 1 day trip as it takes 7 hours to Mikumi national park from Dar es salaam so 2 days safari is ok. I dont mean you will not reach Mikumi, but what is the use of going and come back?

    Zanzibar also has a national park by the name of Jozani. You may find it attractive for Red Colobus Monkeys which are not found in other parks of Tanzania.

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