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We are going to Giraffe Center, Shedrick Elephant Orphanage and Bomas of Kenya all in one day. Will we be able to Uber back and fourth to all this places or what method of transportation would you suggest.

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  1. Uber is quite cheap compared to quotes I got for drivers recommended in this forum. Since we were going as a family and in daytime, I opted for Uber. However, I had a kenyan sim card that I got from the airport and used google maps extensively to make sure the Uber drivers could get to the destination.
    Pretty much all the guys we used didn’t know how to use a map and needed my help to get to places. They were all responsive and jolly good about taking directions but I have no idea what would have happened if I didn’t have access to a map 🙂
    The cars can be hit and miss as well. I have no idea how Uber okays some of the cars there. Most of the Uber car I got were okay except one which had windows stuck on with cello tape! Uber is everywhere though so you can certainly use it to get everywhere in Nairobi. Don’t worry.

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