Uganda Missionary visa requirements


Hey. Anyone know what is needed for the volunteer/ missionary visa? The information I’ve gotten has been less than helpful so far. My wife and I are hope to move in August and stay long term assisting a local church in Kampala.

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    You can get visa information from the government online visa application portal Before you begin your application process, ensure you have the following:

    1. -Recommendation Letter from NGO Bureau (local organisation/church should start on this)
    2. -Appointment letter from the organization
    3. -Certified copy of Qualifications
    4. -Copy of the passport (bio-data page)
    5. -Copy of recent passport size photo graph
    6. -Cover letter from your organization (that you will be working for/sent you)
    7. -Clearance letter from the Interpol or home country


    Once you have all that, go online to and open an application process.

    In the options

    Visa or permit type: Entry permit

    Category: Class G1 (covers missionaries and volunteers)

    Subcategory: number of months you want to apply for.

    The application fee is US$500 and paid online by card.

    I hope that helps. You will get a response with an application number on your email.

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