Umbwe Route in 4 days


Hi guys.

I know that it might sound like a red flag already but let’s assume that my friend and I are both performance athletes and have done numerous hikes -some in extreme weather conditions.

We’d like to hike Kili in a fast pace but of course slow enough to avoid any altitude sickness which is why 4 days should be doable for us to do the hike while still enjoy the scenery.

Now, the tours that I’ve found are usually 6-9 days which would be too long, but is there anyone who has tried a shorter hike to the summit or knows of a guide who could do it?


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  1. Hi!

    No worry you can still be able to do in 4 days via Umbwe Route. But your permit need to be 5 days at list due to park regulations. I know of people who have done less days!

    Just in case your plans doesn’t go well, you have the options of adding number of days, or just use all the five days that you paid for!

    But why Umbwe? Umbwe route is specialist for mountaineering climbing is difficult route for climbing mountain Kilimanjaro. I would suggest other routes such like Machame routes 7 days, or lemosho route 7-8 days, or Rongai route 7 days, marangu 6 days, unless you are real sure of yourself!

    More facts and this routes and Kilimanjaro you can :

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