Virunga safety for Sept 2021


Planning a trip to Virunga for next August for gorilla trekking and am concerned about current safety of the park. Any news on current status?

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  1. The situation in Virunga is currently stable though caution is advised. Keep in constant touch with your operator. September 2021 is some way away, which is also good because gorilla treks are currently suspended due to the covid19 travel restrictions, and for the safety of the gorillas.

    Like earlier note, the situation in Virunga can be very fluid. That is why you should keep close not only to your operator but monitor the park website /official communication on what is on the ground. Often operator will have up to date info for their clients.

    Mountain gorillas can also be tracked in Rwanda and Uganda. Actually the three countries (Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo) closely work together in the conservation and well being of mountain gorillas in the region. They are the only places in the world you will find mountain gorillas

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