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We are planning to travel to Zambia in July 2021 and would like to spend most of our time exploring the national parks. We will have a 4×4 camper and like to have some remote experiences. Any suggestions on itineraries or must visit parks. We will have 5 weeks and plan to make a round trip from Johannesburg.

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  1. It is hard to give you suggestion on which parks to visit, as there are so many of them and most of them are really fantastic parks. For your 5-week round trip from Johannesburg, you’ll spend one week traveling to/from Zambia (provided that you don’t plan on making some longer stops also on your way there). This can be just enough time to make this circular route in Zambia:

    Lower Zambezi NP – Lusaka – South Luangwa NP – North Luangwa NP – Mpika – Bangweulu wetlands – Kasanka NP – Kafue NP – Liuwa Plains – Livingstone (Victoria Falls).

    Now, to cover all this you really need 4 weeks if you only stay few days in each park. If you would like to spend longer time at any of them, you should probably leave some of them out. Also, some of the areas in the above itinerary are very challenging, both in technical driving skills and in navigation. North Luangwa, Bangweulu and Liuwa in particular.

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