Walking around Dar es Salaam City



I guess this kind of question is often asked….but here goes anyway!

We are wondering what fellow travellers experiences have been walking around Dar Es Salaam during the day? How safe have you felt?

We are experienced travelers and don’t really want to be herded around in a tour group.

Any thoughts/comments greatly appreciated.



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  1. If you are very street smart you will be OK.

    But, if someone tries to distract you in any way, don’t fall for it. It is common that someone will distract you and while you are distracted someone else will thief something from you. I have had this happen to me 3 times on the main street of Dar Es Salaam. The good news is that others will come to your assistance if they can.

    Just be very cautious and don’t expose anything of value.

    I walk about Dar all the time. Don’t go where there are no other people, don’t go where it is very congested as that’s where the pickpockets gather, and don’t go out at night.

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