What about malaria in Kenya?


What about malaria in Kenya?

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  1. Make sure your doctor knows you are traveling to Kenya (don’t just say Africa) so she can prescribe the right anti-malarial medication. Malaria prevention medication should be taken according to your doctor’s instructions before, during and after a visit to affected areas.
    Malaria is a serious tropical disease, which is spread by night-biting mosquitoes which transmit a parasite. Avoiding getting bitten is important and usually the most effective means to prevent the disease.
    Long sleeved shirts and trousers should be worn in the evenings and insect repellent can be used in areas with mosquitoes. If the area you are volunteering has mosquitoes, use a mosquito net at night. The most effective are those treated with an insect repellent.
    It is important to treat malaria as soon as symptoms arise. Its symptoms include chills, fevers, headache, nausea and vomiting.
    If you suspect you have malaria, see a doctor as soon as possible even if you have the treatment for malaria with you so that a correct diagnosis can be made.

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