What activities can I expect to do?


What activities can I expect to do in Ndutu Serengeti during CALVING season?

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  1. Wildlife viewing during the calving season is usually enjoyed from the vantage of an open-sided 4X4 vehicle in the experienced hands of a professional guide. You’ll have two drives a day – one in the early morning and the other in the afternoon, returning in the early evening with a spot-light leading the way.
    And since our recommended accommodation for the calving season lies in privately-run concessions rather than the Serengeti National Park, your guide has the advantage of being able to drive off-road for exceptional sightings and you have the chance to go on walking safaris with Tanzanian park rangers.

    Village visits are another popular activity. Accompanied by your guide, you can visit a local community to learn about Maasai culture and traditions, and perhaps watch Maasai warriors perform their famous ‘jumping dance’.
    One of the Serengeti’s signature activities – hot-air ballooning – is not available in the Ndutu region but certainly is an option in the central Serengeti. It’s an hour and a half’s early morning transfer there from Ndutu but the best option is to combine Ndutu with a stay in the central Serengeti.

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