What airlines fly into Windhoek Namibia?


What airlines fly into Windhoek Namibia?

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  1. Airlines flying from Windhoek

    In total there are 10 airlines flying from and to Windhoek. Most flights are operated by one of the following carriers:

    Air Namibia Air Namibia (SW)8 destinations
    CondorCondor (DE)2 destinations
    TAAG AngolaTAAG Angola (DT)2 destinations
    South African AirwaysSouth African Airways (SA)2 destinations
    KLMKLM (KL)1 destination
    Qatar AirwaysQatar Airways (QR)1 destination
    AirlinkAirlink (4Z)1 destination
    EurowingsEurowings (EW)1 destination
    British AirwaysBritish Airways (BA)1 destination

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