What are the activities in Katavi National Park?


What are the activities in Katavi National Park?

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  1. Below are main activities in Katavi National Park:

    Walking Safaris

    Walking safaris with an armed ranger and bush camping (US$59 per person, plus a guided walking fee per group of US$23.60 for a short walk or US$29.50 for a long walk) are permitted throughout the park. This makes it a great park for budget travellers. The road to Lake Katavi, a seasonal flood plain, is a good walking route; it begins at the headquarters so a vehicle is not needed.

    Some top-end camps no longer allow their guests to go on walking safaris. In part that’s because your chance of seeing the park’s variety of wildlife is greatly reduced. But there have been reports of some serious incidents involving undertrained park staff leading walking safaris resulting in injury to the tourists. This is also one of the most tsetse-fly-infested parks in Africa.

    Riverside Camp

    Riverside Camp is a great place to arrange safaris, and Mr Juma, the owner, has years of guiding experience. Even if he’s not personally available, one of the staff will be and they know the park like the back of their hand.

    Self-drive Safaris

    The park no longer hires out vehicles, but Riverside Camp in Sitalike charges US$200 per day for a 4WD, some with a pop-up roof. A guide or driver (US$20) is highly recommended, both for safety and to make the most of your viewing experience.

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