What are the animals in Salonga National Park?


What are the animals in Salonga National Park?

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  1. Animals in the park include bonobos, Dryas monkeys, Thollon’s red colobus, Congo peafowl, leopards, forest elephants, and African slender-snouted crocodiles.Other animals present include the long-tailed pangolin, giant pangolin, tree pangolin, Angolan slender mongoose, aquatic genet, hippopotamus, the African golden cat, bushpig, bongo, yellow-backed duiker, sitatunga, okapi, bushbuck, water chevrotain and forest buffalo.
    There are many birds present and some of the larger ones are the cattle egret, black stork and yellow-billed stork.Some of its species are endemic to the country, and many are of high conservation concern.
    The southern region has been the location for studies of bonobos in the wild. There are much higher populations of bonobos near the Iyaelima settlements than elsewhere in the park, apparently because the Iyaelima do not harm them and are playing a strong role in their conservation.

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