What are the highlights of Khaudum?


What are the highlights of Khaudum National Park?

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  1. The Khaudum National Park is situated in the north-east Kalahari biome of Namibia, on the border to Botswana. Initially, Khaudum was established to protect the lifestyle of the San Bushmen who have inhabited the Kalahari Desert for thousands of years. Today, it is the most pristine nature conservation area in Namibia, falling within the Kalahari Sandveld, 3842 sq km in area.

    The landscape is characterised by dry forests. The park is sustained by underground waters of dry, sandy riverbeds. Unlike Etosha National Park, this vast desert park is not crawling with wildlife, although it is home to a substantial amount of sought-after species. Khaudum is not accessible by regular vehicle, as Etosha is, and is not a good option for the novice traveller.

    Khaudum National Park is wild and offers basic or no services at all, aside from a handful of very primitive camps.The camps in Khaudum are not fenced, so adventurous visitors can expect elephants, hyenas or lions to visit their campsites and should be prepared for such an event.

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