What are the important issues for Hot air Balloon?


What are the important issues for Hot air Balloon in Serengeti?

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    Apart from all other Questions asked, please check the following:

    • #1. Go When it’s Green. According to Balloon Safaris, balloon floats happen year-round, and the “green seasons” offer lush landscapes and potential wildebeest migration sightings.


    • #2. Make Potty a Priority. Think about it: you’ll be in the sky for an hour, snug in a basket with several others and no toilet, so be sure to take care of business before you go!


    • #3. Batteries and Binoculars. The last thing you want is to get in the air and realize you didn’t charge your batteries. You won’t be able to carry much with you, but be sure and pack a spare camera battery as well binoculars and safety straps. Dropping anything from the balloon is frowned upon.

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