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  1. There are many important questions that travelers from all-over the country ask before finally booking a tour to any destination country. Many travelers are curious about what type of tour they are going to have once they decide to book a tour, and these are not to blame since it takes strength to trust large amounts of money to a mere tour operator to organise a safari on their behalf. However, before anyone would decide to book a tour, here are the most important questions to ask before making your final decision.

    1. What is the entire experience of the tour like? Do you have any videos as well as photos of this particular tour?

    It is important for the tour Operator to give you the overall picture of your tour. They must send you photos of their tours. Things like driver Uniform with the company logo, Vehicle with the company branding will give you more insight of how the company is.

    2. How does the exact safari itinerary look like?

    Make sure you get a good Itenerary and before you confirm the final travel Journal it includes all the service in details. This must show exactly what you are paying for, for example: Airport transfer, Meals (FB or HB), and all details of what you are paying for.

    3. What other travellers have commented about the same tour?

    Go online and check some recommendations from other guests. The best place to go to TripAdvisor as well as Safari Bookings. If you find someone from your area who has travelled with the company before, email then and see if you can call and talk to them.

    4. How much is the tour? Does it include any hidden costs?

    Make sure you have details of what you are paying for, the travel Journal must shows in details what you are paying for. I am sure you will be exchanging many emails and Journal, but when you are about to confirm make sure both you and tour operator sign a final Travel Journal.

    5. Is my life at safety? What are some of the safety measures taken by the operator?

    It is good to know the company’s safety measures if any! What if you fall sick? What will they do? I advice that you ask for Amref flying Drs Insurance which may cover up to two weeks of Travel in Tanzania.

    6. What if I want to make a cancellation of my tour? What are your cancellation and refund policies?

    It is good to know their cancellation and refund procedures, things happen and no one can predict the future, and so you must be aware of these details.

    7. Is the tour Guide an expert to carry out the tour?

    Tour Guide and Vehicle are the most important part of your Safari. Make sure you pick a guide that is recommended with other Clients, and these details must be kept in the Final Travel Journal to avoid unnecessary confusion.

    8. How do I book a tour and pay for it?

     This is the very important part. Make sure you understand their payment procedure. Avoid Transferring money to a personal account or Mobile numbers. Make sure you transfer money to the company account and it represents exactly the same name as it is seen online.
    Pay as less as possible, and before transferring the full amount, make sure you ask to have the copies of booking voucher and confirmation (You might not do this, but for some companies it is necessary)
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