What are the main 5 routes to Mount Kenya?


What are the main 5 routes to Mount Kenya?

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  1. There are five main routes to reach point Lenana on Mount Kenya. It’s pretty common to combine these and to choose different trails for the ascent and descent. This helps you control the time of your trip and it also means you get to see different scenery and experience the diversity of landscape in the area. If you wish to take on one of the two more technical summits you will still first need to reach Point Lenana before carrying on.


    The Sirimon route allows you to ascend more steadily and gives you a stunning approach to the final peak. For this track, you’ll need a minimum of two days but it’s better to take an extra day to really adjust to the altitude. This is one of the most popular routes to the summit. There are a few good things about this route, one is that it’s somewhat protected from the rainfall so the track stays drier. The other is that there are two camps along the way, Old Moses at 3300 m and Shipton’s camp 4200 m. This allows you to recharge on your way up and take the walk at your own pace.


    This route is excellent if you want to really feel alone on the mountain. Plus, you get to hike through some tropical rainforest at the start of the hike. You’ll spend your night in wilderness huts. This is a challenging route as it’s less used so there are times when you’ll have to hack your way through wild vegetation. It can also get pretty muddy. The plus is that it’s a pretty special experience feeling alone as you hike up this majestic mountain. This trail takes a minimum of 3 nights and it’s ideal to combine it with a different trail for the descent.

    Naro Moru

    This trail is the shortest and most direct route. As such it tends to be busy and popular. It’s great for the descent as it’s relatively quick and easy. The plant life on offer on the way is spectacular. However, it has sections such as the notorious Vertical Bog, which can get waterlogged. This trail can be done in a long day but it’s better across two days and one night.


    The Chogoria route is an awesome option for your descent. It takes a bit longer so you’ll need more time. It’s well worth it though. The scenery is spectacular and you’ll be able to take in views of waterfalls and an amazing gorge. This descent takes around three days.


    This is an older track and is really not used much these days. It’s not the best route as there is nowhere to stay overnight along the way nor are there any facilities.

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