What are the popular activities in Gombe?


What are the popular activities in Gombe National Park?

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  1. Gombe National Park Popular Activities

    Chimpanzee Tracking

    Gombe stream is one of the best places in Africa to track chimpanzees. You just might be fortunate to see the Kasakela Chimpanzee community on your chimp tracking which may take about 12 hours.

    Lakeshore Walks

    Take short walks along and to the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Visit the site of Henry Stanley’s famous ‘Dr. Livingstone, I presume’ at Ujiji near Kigoma, and watch the renowned dhow builders at work.

    Hiking to Jane’s Peak Viewpoint

    The viewpoint offers a spectacular view of the park and Lake Tanganyika. You can hear chimpanzee calling and screaming from the viewpoint. From Kasekela, the hike takes about two hours.


    The Park’s 200 rare bird species range from the iconic fish eagle to the jewel-like Peter’s twinspots that hop tamely around the visitor’s centre. A remarkable bird is the palm nut vulture, a near-vegetarian common to Lake Tanganyika.


    The Park allows tourists to film their camping activities for a fee as long as they follow the filming guidelines.

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