What are the rule and regulations in Kubu Island?


What are the rule and regulations in Kubu Island?

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  1. Rules and Regulations in Kubu Island:

    All visitors to the Island are kindly asked to adhere to the following:
    Please register upon arrival
    Driving off the roads is strictly prohibited
    Removal of any flora and fauna is strictly prohibited
    Fires may only be lit in designated fire places
    Visitors may only camp in designated campsites only
    Please keep as quite as possible (no music systems, no generators)
    Do not leave campfires unattended… Please prevent wildfires
    Maximum speed within the island is 30 km/h
    Proof of payments will be required by the guide at the island
    Please vacate your campsite before 10:30 am on your day of departure
    Cancellation: 75% fee – under 60 days prior to arrival date
    Cancellation: 100% fee – under 21days prior to arrival date

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