What are the sleeping arrangements in Kilimanjaro?


What are the sleeping arrangements in Kilimanjaro?

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    1. Your first two days are the most crucial. It’s important to go slowly, very slowly… even if you are feeling well.

    1. When you start layering up considerably, it becomes difficult to keep track of how much you’re sweating and this means dehydration can sneak up on you. Stick to the recommended 4 – 6 liters (1 – 1.6 gallons) of water a day.

    1. Don’t compromise on your warmth or sanity. Bring enough warm clothing! Your tour operator will recommend items of clothing to bring.

    1. Avoid saving a few extra dollars. It’s better to spend a bit extra to make sure you have all that you need on Kili’s slopes. When you skimp on a few dollars you may also be putting your safety and summit chances at risk.

    1. Choose a reputable, local and experienced tour operator. There are some ‘fly-by night operators’ looking to make a few dollars at the expense of your safety and enjoyment. Do your homework on the tour operator you’re thinking of partnering with.

    1. Preparation. Guided tours have meant that summiting Kili is not as difficult as it once was, but this still doesn’t make it a cake-walk. Preparation for your Kili climb cannot be stressed enough. From making sure you have all the necessary equipment (and more) to ensuring that you’re fighting fit once you set foot on the slopes.
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