What are the vaccination requirements for Zanzibar?


What are the vaccination requirements

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  1. You need to get advice from your general practitioner on your vaccination requirements at least six weeks before departure. They may recommend a whole cocktail of things, which will cost quite a lot so ask for what is absolutely essential.
    A Yellow Fever Certificate is required by all travellers visiting Tanzania/Zanzibar who may have recently visited a Yellow Fever endemic zone, or may have visited such a zone on their way to Tanzania/Zanzibar. We advise people on safari in Kenya to have a Yellow Fever vaccination before arriving in Tanzania/Zanzibar.
    The Tanzanian health authorities are advising people to vaccinate themselves against Yellow Fever for their own protection. However, please seek advice from your GP. The Yellow Fever vaccination has to be taken at least 10 days prior to travel.

    Our understanding is that it is advisable to have protection for Hepatitis A, Typhoid & Polio as well. It is also advisable to take protection against Malaria so please consult your GP practice about this.

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