What are the wildlife in Namaqua Park?


What are the wildlife in Namaqua National Park?

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    Namaqua National Park contains a surprisingly large number of smaller mammals, such as rodents, insectivores, hares, cats and small antelope. These animals are not as easy to photograph, and keen observation is necessary.

    The little steenbok that freezes at the first sight of danger can make for some good photography, and one might be able to see the agile common duiker bounce away into hiding.

    A gang of meerkats can entertain for hours with their antics, and the vigilant dassie groups keep a watchful eye on anyone that approaches their rocky outcrops. Four-striped grass mice and round-eared elephant shrews constantly run between shrubs.

    Cunning black-backed jackal survey the surroundings daily, and nocturnal insectivores like bat-eared fox, aardvark, aardwolf and Cape fox own the night. Chacma baboons occur and, if you visit the coastal section, you may encounter rookeries of Cape fur seal.

    Caracal and African wild cat reside in the reserve and Cape mountain leopards move through the park every now and then. All the rodents attract a wide variety of raptors, such as rock kestrel, black-shouldered kite, black harrier and much more.

    Desert birds, like the cinnamon-breasted warbler, attract birders from far and wide. Reptiles are plentiful and the protection of angulate tortoise and speckled padloper is a top priority.

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