What are unique features of Buffalo Spring?


What are unique features of Buffalo Spring National Reserve?

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  1. Buffalo Springs offers something for every guest, from expedition travelers seeking excitement and adventure to the more introverted guests who prefer to study the smallest details of micro-ecology.

  2. Buffalo Springs sits on the southern side of the Ewaso Nyiro river. It has a wide variety of animals and surprisingly few safari-visitors. Hence it is a joy to go on a game-drive in this national reserve. We left Nanyuki at around 9.30 AM and reached the Chokaa Gate of Buffalo Springs National Reserve in 2 h.
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  3. I can’t really compare to other safaris as this one was my first. But I was not disappointed. We saw a lot of elephants, giraffes, birds, ostrich, crocodile, leopards, hippo (in water), and wild hogs. It was very warm as you are close to the equator. Bring your hat, sunscreen, camera, sunglasses, and be ready to be in awe. It was amazing to see these animals in the wild. Bucket list-check.

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