What can I buy in Durban?


What can I buy in Durban?

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    South Africa is home to some of the best cities in the whole world as far as tourism is concerned. Durban is one of the popular cities which bring in massive tourists from different corners of the world. If you too have a trip planned to Durban and you are wondering the best of souvenirs to buy from this amazing city, we are here to give you one of the finest and the most comprehensive list. Of course, we always believe that the best way to shop is by exploring the place like a local would and to ascertain the things which are likely to catch your eye.

    1. Chocolates

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    Who doesn’t loves to savor their sweet tooth? When in Durban, don’t forget to grab the best of local chocolates. You are definitely going to fall for some of the diverse kind of variety in flavors which you will find there. Take your time to taste the different flavors and then pick the ones which you love the most for your friends and family back home.

    2. Leather backpack

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    You should know that South Africa is famous for its leather. If you are on the lookout for some quirky and amazing leather backpacks, you should check out the streets of Durban. You will definitely find a wide variety of different backpacks. They come in several sizes and styles and this is why you should find the one which seems to appeal the most to you.

    3. The Kalahari salt

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    You might be wondering what makes a salt worthy of a souvenir item but the Kalahari salt from South Africa is definitely a great pick. The salt is known for its authentic taste and it is sure to add the African vibe to your food.

    4. The pink lady gin

    If you are a gin kind of a person, you should definitely take this souvenir home. The pink lady is inspired by Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel. It is one of a kind gin which is infused with the right kind of hibiscus flowers and rose petals as well. If you love its taste, you are likely to get hooked to it. Buying it as a souvenir seems to be one of the best things you could possibly do and taking a bottle back home for your girlfriend is something which is sure to make her happy.

    5. Ardmore ceramic art

    Ardmore ceramic was founded in the year 1985 and if you have a thing for great pieces of crockery and bowls, you should check out these quirky souvenirs. You can find vases, tea sets, platter, bowls and what not! So, give yourself ample time to check the collection out and then pick whatever seems to catch your fancy the most. An important thing to remember here is that you should be careful while picking these items as they are mostly fragile and if not handled properly, they might break even before you reach your country.

    6. The rooibos tea

    Rooibos is an African word that translates to red bush. This tree is known to have the best anti-oxidant property and it also comes with a unique earthly flavor as well. So, if you are a tea person or know someone back home who is, we surely recommend taking these. This unique flavor is famous in Durban and even when you take a sip in your homeland, you are bound to cherish the aroma of your trip in South Africa.

    7. Handmade baskets

    Now, this is a little thing but when we are talking of great souvenirs to take home from Africa, this surely sits right at the very top of the list. If you love small and tiny gifts which look really adorable, you definitely need to check out the best of handmade baskets found in Durban. They come in a lot of different vibrant colors and several shapes and sizes too. So, you are sure to find one which seems to suit your need in the best manner.

    8. The best spices of Durban

    If you love the typical South African curry flavor, you need to know that Durban is exactly the place where you can get your hands on some of the best possible spices in the whole country. There are several markets which are devoted exclusively to spices of Durban. Make sure that you either ask a local for an expert opinion or know that you are buying the authentic spices from the right seller.

    With the best spices, you are surely going to be able to relish and savor the African flavor for too long and even gift some to your family and friends thereby giving them an incentive to visit this wonderful city.

    9. Decorative candles

    For those who are looking for little stuff that isn’t too heavy on the wallet either, you should check out some of the locally made candles. They can also be used for lighting up the room and the aroma would definitely lend a charismatic ambiance as well. It is surely a great way to memorize the trip you have had and hopefully plan another one. No matter who you give it to, they are sure to love this popular souvenir from Durban.

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