What can you do in Egypt?


What can you do in Egypt?

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  1. Top 20 Things To Do In Egypt

    Wondering what to do in Egypt that doesn’t feel mainstream? Here is a list of the best activities you can indulge in on your tour to this unique place:

      • Animal Care, Luxor – Volunteer
      • Hurghada – Go Scuba Diving
      • Giza – Learn To Make Papyrus
      • Egyptian Museums – Take A Guided Tour
      • Islamic Cairo – Shop For Leather, Jewels, And Perfumes
      • Giza – Go Camel Riding At Sunset
      • Royal Jewelry Museum – Marvel At Unique Jewels
      • Corniche, Alexandria – Take A Leisurely Walk
      • Zawiyyet al-Mayyiteen – Explore The City Of The Dead
      • Mt. Sinai – Hike To The Top
      • Khan El-Khalili Bazaar – Buy Souvenirs
      • Djoser Pyramid – Explore Earth’s Oldest Stone-cut Monument
      • Karnak Temples– Pay Your Respects To The Pharaohs
      • The Nile – Sail On A Lit River Cruise
      • Abu Simbel Temples – Take A Day Tour
      • Heracleion – Dive To The Lost City Under The Sea
      • Malkata Palace – Discover Secrets Of Amenhotep’s Kingdom
      • Siwa Oasis – Experience Berber Culture
      • Tamr Hena Museum – Witness Egypt’s Creative Side
      • Al-Andalus Garden – Take A Stroll
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