What can you do in the Kalahari Desert?


What can you do in the Kalahari Desert?

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  1. The Kalahari Desert covers eastern and southern Namibia, large parts of Botswana and the north-western area of South Africa. It can’t be defined as a real desert as it receives too much rain. It can rather be called a fossil desert.
    This area in Namibia is inhabited by the San people (Namibian bushmen), who used to be hunter-gatherers. They are now surviving by game hunting and collecting edible plants, like berries or desert melons.

    Kalahari Desert activities in Namibia

    • Explore the Mesosaurus Fossil Site – (above)
    • Visit the Kokerboom/Quiver Tree Forest
    • Hop over the Namibian border to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in Botswana and South Africa
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