What cultural activities can I do for two days in Arusha?


I have two days in Arusha and I wander what cultural activities can I do?

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    Thank you for your Questions, there are some cultural activities that you can do around Arusha and neighboring area, it just depend with how much you are willing to spend and your time, below are some of the activities that you can do:

    – 1 or two days tour to Majimoto Hot-spring in Kilimanjaro

    Located approximately 2 Hrs drive from Moshi / Arusha town is Chemka the hot springs. Hidden in the beautiful green forest natural hot springs, ideal for taking a relaxing dip or simply to use as a backdrop for a tranquil picnic or BBQ

    – 2 Days to Ngiresi Village

    Transfer to Ngiresi village for a full day tour and after dinner you spend the night camping at Mzee Loti’s farm. Enjoy the night with African tales / entertainment.

    From here the next morning you start climbing Kivesi hill, an old volcano with a natural forest on top. Baboons and gazelles can be seen in the forest.You descend the hill on the other side and return to Loti’s house for lunch. The late afternoon you will be transferred back to your hotel in Arusha.

    – Longido 2 days tour

    The tour takes you to the extensive plains around Longido Mountains, 80 km north of Arusha and features an insight into the traditions of Maasai culture. The lush area is home to rare birds and mammals. The tour includes:
    – A nature trail to spot birds
    – A climb to the Longido Mountain through a dense natural forest
    – Walking plains an over the slopes of Longido mountain
    – A visit to a traditional Maasai Village
    – A tour of historical sites dating back to British colonial times

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