What do people say about Hot air Balloon?


What do people say about Hot air Balloon, is it worth doing?

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  1. Top 3 Reasons We Hear People Doing a Hot Air Balloon Safari:

    • #1. “It’s on My Bucket List!” Most people who commit to a hot air balloon safari have it on their life’s bucket list. I include this fact for two reasons: a) know that it’s a commitment. Your balloon float will be replacing a morning game drive, and b) you will share the experience with several other enthusiastic balloon-dreamers.


    • #2. “I Want a Unique Perspective!” For most people, spending a few days of safari is itself a lifetime achievement, (Hint: Tanzania is your best bet for safari) but some wish to take their vantage points to new heights. From the air you really get a sense of scale, which lives at the heart of why the Serengeti is such as powerful place. And with balloons there is no noisy propeller or bumpy dirt road. It’s a smooth and peaceful drift over this dreamscape.


    • #3. “The Breakfast Sounds Delicious!” Yes, it’s that good. There’s no better way to finish off one of your life’s greatest experiences than to be provided a delectable, white-linen treat to debrief and bask in Serengeti glory.

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