What else can do in Rwanda besides gorillas?


What else can do in Rwanda besides gorillas?

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  1. Apart from tracking mountain gorillas, Rwanda has also got a variety of other tourist attractions. In addition to volcanoes national park, Rwanda has got Akagera National park for game viewing and Nyungwe forest national park for Chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk.
    Other activities do on your Rwanda safaris include boat cruises on Lake Kivu, cultural tours and bird watching. You can also to hike to Karisoke summit where Diane Fossey conducted her pioneering research, or else go tracking golden monkeys of Parc des Volcanoes.
    Besides the Rwanda wildlife safaris, the country has got genocide memorials around the country where travelers visit and learn about the country’s genocide history. Other attractions in Rwanda include Cultural tours, cycling, and paramotoring.

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