What foods should we avoid during African Safari?


What foods should we avoid during African Safari?

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  1. In the vast majority of cases it is safe to eat ALL of the foods offered by lodges and camps as they take great care to ensure that food is prepared in a healthy manner.

    If you are really worried about contracting a “stomach bug” don’t eat salads, avoid ice cubes in drinks (many places use purified water for ice cubes – simply ask if you are concerned), and eat only fruits that have thick skins which are peeled (oranges, bananas).

    Although water in many cities and small towns is purified and safe to drink, it is wise to drink only bottled drinks which are readily available (ask that water is opened in front of you as they may try to reuse the container at some of the larger, lower quality, hotels). In addition don’t swallow water during a shower and use purified water for brushing teeth. Don’t worry – bottled water is readily available in all lodges and camps.

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