What is a reasonable Tanzania safari itinerary?


What is a reasonable Tanzania safari itinerary? I want to know before contacting any tour operator!

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  1. Probably the most sensitive topic, but this is seriously one of the most common.
    Let’s face it, an African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Make it special. By cutting corners you could end up with a very disappointing experience.
    Obviously, there are budget options and good operators can advise you about areas where you can save. Please be super cautious about offers that seem incredibly cheap – there is a very good reason why they are.
    The highest-rated holidays in Tanzania are a combination of safari and beach that run between 5–7 days. The ideal safari component is the Serengeti, but the beach portion of the trip, stay clear of Zanzibar and either go to the outer islands like Pemba (Tanzania) or the beaches of Southern Kenya.
    I would suggest a 5 to 7 Days safaris with two accommodation options or a combination of the two:-

    1. Mid Range Accommodations (Such as Lilac camp, Endoro Lodge, Tarangire Safari Lodge, Lake Manyara Wildlife Lodge, Serengeti Halisi Camp, Kati Kati Tented Camp, Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge, Ngorongoro Farm House and many others).
    2. & Bush Camping.

    Prices can range from $ 300 PPPD upto $450. All inclusive except flights to Tanzania, Visa & Guide Tips which can be around $30/day (This is not per person, but it can be divided ,between a group too) OPTIONAL.

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