What is in the Library of Genocide Memorial?


What is in the Library of Genocide Memorial?

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  1. The Kigali Genocide Memorial hosts the Genocide Archive of Rwanda library. The library holds hundreds of titles on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. The library includes the following types of books:

    1. #1. Scholarly non-fiction
    2. #2. Literary and genre fiction
    3. #3. Poetry
    4. #4. Graphic novels
    5. #5. Graphic nonfiction
    6. #6. Children’s books

    The library offers a full range of services including research assistance and space for researchers to study the material. A computer room is also available to use. You can consult the library collection here by using the online library catalog. This collection is also accessible at the library. The Genocide Archive of Rwanda library does not lend out material, but you can make photocopies and reserve the books you are interested in.

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