What is the History of Dorob Park?


What is the History of Dorob Park?

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  1. Before Dorob was declared a national park, as part of the larger intent to create one continuous coastal protected area from South Africa to Angola, it was called the Walvis Bay Nature Reserve under the Cape Department of Nature Conservation. After Namibia became an independent country, the reserve became a part of Namibian territory as part of the Walvis Bay enclave.
    There was a proposal to name the reserve as Walvis Bay National Park which proved fruitless and finally the central part of the coast area was named Dorob National Park. While the Walvis Bay Lagoon, a Ramsar Site, and the belt of dune and gravel plains that lie between the Swakop and Kuiseb rivers west of the Namib-Naukluft Park are included, Swakopmund, Henties Bay, and Wlotzkasbaken are excluded. Other exclusions are a railway line, certain road reserves of both major and minor routes, some district roads, as well as certain farms.

    According to National Geographic (June 2011): “with the creation of Dorob National Park in December 2010, the coastline from the Kunene River on the Angolan border to the Orange River on the South African border was an almost solid barrier of parks. All the pieces were in place for what may eventually be designated Namib Skeleton Coast National Park – a single coastal megapark”.

    The TransKalahari Highway passes through the park and there are several mining, fishing, and industrial towns located on this route.

    It has been alleged that filming in the park in 2012 for the Mad Max sequel Fury Road caused significant damage to the park’s habitat.

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