What is the most common mistake people make when planning a family safari?


What is the most common mistake people make when planning a family safari?

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  1. In an effort to keep travel costs down, many families are accustomed to the DIY approach. While that may work for plenty of other locations all over the world, we strongly discourage going that route with a safari, especially one involving your entire family.

    Planning a safari on your own is extraordinarily time consuming. You might consult dozens of websites and spend anywhere from 15 to 40 hours researching and planning a single vacation. And that’s just your average vacation. Consider the complexities of a safari: remote locations, park permits, vaccinations, visas, transportation, lodging… Tour operators can spends 20-100 hours per trip, and they’re the experts.

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    Your time is precious, especially as a parent. And the logistics of planning a safari can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re in for. Doing it on your own could easily eat up 100+ hours of your life. Safari Specialists do all the legwork for you. And you easily get 100 hours of your life back.

    Beyond the time involved, we cannot overstate the importance of tour operator experience, connections, and relationships with the properties and operators with whom we partner. They add value, peace of mind, and exclusive access to every one of the safaris we plan.

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