What is the Safari accommodation like in Akagera Pakr?


What is the Safari accommodation like in Akagera National Park in Uganda and Rwanda?

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  1. Your tour operator will  work towards finding the perfect accommodation for your needs. The majority of safari lodges and hotels are small-scale, offering a unique experience with few rooms.
    The three categories are mainly; budget, mid-range or Upmarket.
    Budget accommodation may be simple and basic rooms, Bandas or tents, with double/twin beds and mosquito nets when necessary.
    You may have to share bathroom facilities, as private bathrooms are not always available. Electricity and piped/mains water supply may not always be available. Some remote locations may have ‘long-drop’ or compost (Eco) toilets.
    Mid-range or Upmarket accommodation offer comfortable rooms or furnished safari tents with a private bathroom. Flush toilets and hot and cold running water are available.

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