What is the vegetation and terrain of Namaqua?


What is the vegetation and terrain of Namaqua?

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  1. The Namaqua National Park is situated in the 55 000 km² region referred to as Namaqualand. Namaqualand is famed for being the biodiversity hotspot with the largest concentration of succulents in the world, which is also the main reason the park was established.
    The area is a semi-desert with vegetation belonging to the succulent Karoo biome, north-western mountain renosterveld and Namaqualand broken veld. The area can best be described as undulating plains that extend to the mountains of the Kamiesberg Range. In spring, when the flowers bloom in a wide array of colors, the plains seem to even put the majestic mountains to shame.
    The area is especially important because of the amount of endemic fauna and flora species that have been recorded. Various species are also listed in the Red Data Book, but luckily the plants are not as threatened by invasive alien species as in other areas of South Africa. It is also what makes these plants so unique – the fact that they have adapted to survive in this arid landscape.
    The succulent Karoo biome for which the area is known can further be divided into the strandveld succulent Karoo, lowland succulent Karoo and upland succulent Karoo. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of this biome is formally protected, and with the park attracting 100 000 visitors a year, one begs to ask why.

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