What is the weather in Khaudum?


What is the weather and Climate in Khaudum National Park?

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  1. Dry season May to October – Winter

    Devoid of rain, these are the coolest days of the year. As the season wears on, drought increases.

    • May, June, July & August – Warm clothes are necessary to deal with the cold early morning temps that are common this time of year. It warms up throughout the day to upwards of 26°C/79°F. There is, literally, no rain.
    • September & October – Temperatures pick up around winter’s end, with October being the hottest month of the year. The average temperature is 34°C/93°F, but peaks are much higher. Rains could start as early as the end of October, although it is difficult to predict.

    Wet season November to April – Summer

    Warmer early morning temps (18°C/64°F), sunshine, and sporadic afternoon showers are characteristic of the summer months. This is when the Wet season occurs.

    • November to December – The start of the rains is typical of November, although they really gain traction in December. More often dry than not, there may be an occasional shower in the afternoon, with temperatures of 33°C/91°F considered normal.
    • January, February & March – January and February are the wettest months with showers occurring mostly in the afternoon. Sunshine is prevalent during the day and temperatures average 30°C/86°F.
    • April – There is a decline in rain during April. It slowly starts to cool down as summer ends.

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