What is the Weather like in Burundi?


What is the Weather like in Burundi?

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  1. Generally speaking, Burundi features a tropical highland weather, with a substantial daily temperature variation in most areas. The temperatures additionally vary considerably from region to region, mainly because of variations in altitude.
    The central plateau has a pleasurably cool weather, and its average temperature is 20° C / 68° F. The region close to Lake Tanganyika is on the other hand warmer, with an average temperature of 23° C / 73° F; the high mountain regions are cooler, and with an average temperature .the average yearly temperature of Bujumbura is 23° C / 73° F.
    Rain is unusual, falling heaviest in the northwest. The Dry seasons differ in length, and at times they present as long cycles of drought. But, four seasons may be distinguished: the lengthy dry season (from June to August), the shorter wet season (from September to November), then the short dry season (from December to January), as well as the long wet season (starting in February to May).
    The majority of Burundi receives rainfall amounts between 130 and 160 cm / 51-63in a year. The Ruzizi Plain together with the northeastern region receives rainfall amounts between 75cm and 100cm / 30-40 in.

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