What is the weather like in Egypt?


What is the weather like in Egypt?

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  1. Egypt has a desert climate with warm and dry weather conditions. In the summer months (April-October) the average temperature is between 27°C and 32°C but in the interior areas of the desert it can get even warmer.
    Summer temperatures along the Red Sea coast are between 27°C and 43°C with northerly winds and southward currents. In the north, winds from the Mediterranian Sea ease the heat.
    Winters are mild with average temperatures of 13°C – 21°C. Most precipitation is during the winter months; south of Cairo it is about 2 – 5 mm while in the north it can reach 410 mm.
    There are strong southerly winds in the end of October and the in the beginning of November and currents move in a northern direction. (Water temperatures in the area of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada may be 1 – 2°C cooler.)

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